1. HI, I've been benefiting dearly from your videos. I have a request, could you please put some time stamps on the videos. it makes it easy to navigate through the videos. Thank you

  2. Thank you for everything. Swing trading has been alot less stressful and has helped me alot on being patient enough to get the optimal entry. Now I only trade potential turning points from the Daily/Weekly/Monthly levels and continuation retracements off of the 4h 1D support/resistance levels all while having fundamental drivers noted. I feel like any timeframe lower than 4H is usually noise when trying to find direction and is more suitable for After you distinguished the direction and are just timing the entry

  3. What if NZD USD pair doesn't reach 0.644 level to start the push to the upside? It has already printed a green candle today so it might never reach the accumulation area you highlighted. What I find is that the market often doesn't exactly respect the levels but starts slightly before or after. Thanks for the answer!

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