1. well i'm not a pro, and still learning from other too, just sharing from my expriences, if any one who want to try this method, i suggest tried it with only one setup at first..pick 1 code and focuse on it only, ignore other signals..during my first learning of bbma i use H4 RE, H1 Extreme, M15 MHV as my main setup for entry.. if you dont like to wait too long go with smallest tfs, H1 RE, M15 Extreme, M5 MHV

    During all my trade seasion, i will just look or find this setup only..if i found the RE on H4, i will validate it with the extreme signal on H1, if ext signal do appear on H1 then i will wait the MHV on M15.

    Usually when this happenu will see the movement of M15 candles will have long shadow(sometime appear as double top or vice versa), and the ext signal on M15 mostly already appear or completed and move to the last step which is making the MHV(market slowy loss the values),

    If i see those candle failed to close above hi ma5 line or below low ma5 line, or try to break the top/low bb line but not succeed and become sideway i will start open my order.

    Keep doing this, and soon you will find other setups by your self.Just always remember, the best and the most safest place to open the entry is at the RE ENTRY.(doesn't matter which timeframes u use).

    in conclusion, RE wait for MHV at top/low bb on smallest timeframe.Generally BBMA cycle is CSAK-RE-CSAM-RE-EXTREME-TPW-MHV.

    translated word:
    CSAK : candlestick strong direction
    CSAM : candlestick momentun
    EXTREME : extreme
    MHV : market has loss the values
    TPW : have to or must take profits

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