1. I dont understand. 139.7 was my H&S sl and 139.5 was my short entry with tp end of previous spike at 130. Fisher 52 under the -1,50 level. Ichimoku far from reversal point.

  2. Thanks for this but tbh I am a little skeptical. Since when has basing an entire strategy on analyst opinions been a good thing? Also how consistently are these opinions posted. How often are they accurate enough to where we don't have to do our own homework? I know all strategies involve risk but this seems a bit over the top.

    Am I missing something here perhaps?

  3. Minute 3:38, who said you are stupid? If someone does not want to watch the long videos they are free to go elsewhere and watch the short ones. This is a learning channel. Sometimes it may take a few minutes to drive a point home. So Keep teaching us Andrew, you are the only one in my whole entire life that has made me understand the world of Forex. You make it simple and easy to understand and for that i am forever grateful. I always dream of being a live student as you teach me one on one how to become a good trader. Keep it up Andrew and pay no attention to the naysayers. dont even mention them on your videos. They are not worth your time or ours. I enjoy learning from you and always look forward to new videos every week,

  4. So basically when there is a technical analyses about a major support or resistance line we trade directly the opposite?
    Is this the only confirmation needed to be able to profit?

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