1. Mr. Khoo, which period it is more suitable to use 10 or 20 years Cash Flow for Intrinsic Value Calculator? If I use 20 years the stock is undervalued and if I use 10 years cash flow the stock is overvalued.

  2. Mr. Khoo, what is "Cash flow (projected)" in your Intrinsic Value Calculator? Is it a "Cash Flow from Operating Activities"? And what is "Discount factor"? Do I need to divide Projected 20 years Cash Flow by Number of shares outstanding in order to calculate the Intrinsic Value before Cash/Debt?

  3. I still remember one of the first videos I watched from you, where you mentioned that the T10Y3M was one of your favorite recession indicators. I would love to hear what you have to say about it now that it crossed below 0. It looks like a recession always hit shortly after it crosses back above it (6 months – 1 year give it or take). So, my question here really is: Is this time different? And, if the US gets hit by a recession that soon, how will that impact China, which just barely got out of a bear market as you mentioned? It would be a lot nicer to buy Chinese stocks 20-30% cheaper right? Here's the T10Y3M ( https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/T10Y3M ), and the US and China correlation ( http://schrts.co/gyccnFmX ) …cheers!

  4. I have spent more than $10,000 on all of your courses but didn’t get any chat group facility n some special facilities like signals and portals kindly take notice of my issue ASAP thanks

  5. I it’s kiran Iqbal here … Adam I have bought almost all available courses on your website that were mentioned but still it’s sad to disclose that I haven’t get any messenger chat group and any forex n stock signal facility that you promise to provide in your course details

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