1. Adam no one cares if your portfolio is up or down. It just pisses people off when you keep mentioning that. Stick to the content no one wants to know after the fact that you are up. It makes people irritated

  2. Look like recession will be in march to May 2020 when looking at inversion yield curve. The yield curve inverted in March 7 2019 so historically it will take about 14 months to 12 month for recession to happen so I 🤔 it is still good time to buy good company only!!!

  3. You've misinterpreted your own statistics on the lag between YC inversion and market peak.. its NOT a "10-35 month lag". It's an AVERAGE of 10 months, with a range between -5 and +35 months; ie there is historical precedence to suggest that we may already have seen the peak.

  4. P/E is just one measure that itself has become fudged over time with the change in accounting standards.. the S&P is pretty much at record levels vs book value and price to sales

  5. Hey Adam, nice to see your stock investing portfolio is so strong! Do you also have a Stock Swing Trading portfolio? It would be so helpful to see how your trading account has been comparing in 2019!

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