1. 2015 to 2018 getting more confident invested multiple times it's a journey yet has gotten better overtime through alot of videos reading practicing also live accounts rare in my circle and family good luck do research in every way possible before investing and do whatever it takes to learn which can include a variety of learning models . Nice talk just wanted to say thank you education is key to explain.

  2. Yes I admitted Forex is full of veritas but which one holds my stock betterly, how did I get true faith when I know Forex don't have only one app there's many like fx-tm,fxcm,fxpro,indusforex, Instaforex…bla bla bla. Which one should I admired to use precisely. It's totally "a market of confusion element" or nothing.

  3. I dont like to listen to most successful people. I WANT to see their PROOF STATEMENT, their track records, financial or their company background, no hidden agenda, full accountable detail of their assets, no corruption, no cronies to back them up, no sales talk.

  4. Because finding the holy grail system, everyday they are looking for yhe holygrail system not profit from trading. looking and change the system everyday, and that's how trader make a big loss

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