Small-Cap Crypto Outperforms As Risk Appetite Returns

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Small-caps stood out amid the January digital assets rally, as emerging markets powered crypto gains to start the year strong.

Digital assets rallied sharply in January after the Bitcoin price registered the most severe oversold condition ever. Risk appetite

Global Money Supply Growth Re-Accelerated-but Not in the U.S.

Market Cap 30 days 90 days 365 days
Infrastructure $8.3B +44% +2% -55%
Exchange $21.5B +28% -9% -31%
BTC $448B +39% +13% -40%
ETH $195B +33% +1% -41%
Defi $9.2B +51% +1% -54%
Smart Contracts $254B +52% -6% -61%
Metaverse $6.6B +80% 0% -77%

Layer 1 Monthly Fee Growth

Change in Monthly Average Daily Active Users

Market Share of Revenues of Layer 1 Blockchains, Post Ethereum Merge

Yearly Profits/Losses vs. ROE

Small-caps Outperform: Gaming and Metaverse Token Performance

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