1. Hi Sir, I heard that any strategy can work only for limited time not longer time. Is this still working? If yes then why brokers are allowing to win us for long time? Please explain. Thanks in advance.

  2. i had one question, where i live it's gmt+3, so for me i'll draw lines at 5pm and 7pm correct? and my UK based broker said in a few days they're clocks will go back an hr, so will i have to start drawing lines an hr early as well? your help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Why need to be in 15 minutes candles, the max and min doesnt get recorded on chart in 1 hour candles, also its all in stop orders, just asking?, and starting backtest, its for majors or for a certain group of pairs.

  4. Hello Ed, the strategy seems to work in back testing.  I'm quite hopeful.  You mention that the CHF is not good for this strategy.  Are there any others that DON'T work as well?  What about the JPY?  Thanks!

  5. Thanks for your video. My first question is when do I draw the lines. Is it b4 14hrs and 16 hrs gmt. My second question is which pending order to use, is It buy or sell order or limt

  6. hello sir, superb trading tips, I back tested and works. I only have a confusion about my chart, my brooker has GMT(0) time zone so my mt4 is also in GMT. but when I drw line, time is diffrent ( line showing different time than time ruler at bottom of mt4 chart). I don't know y. any help will be appreciated.

  7. Awsome stuff, just one question: Let's assume that the low point price happened at the end of the last candle, mean at 16:00, so the price is already at its pending order entry point, in this case, we are setting the pending order meanwhile the price had already reached it, right ?do we have to go ahead with that trade in this case ? hope I made it clear, lol… Thank you

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