1. I am a new trader a beginner..i watched your previous video where you said new traders should avoid scalping as it involves a lot of emotions…Can I use this strategy of your on the 1hr chart and confirmations from the H4 anchor chart

  2. Am very keen on starting to trade but I do not want to fall in the trap of trading without any knowledge. Will keep studying and learning. Hopefully in a couple months I can start applying what I've learned to the real charts. Cheers

  3. When using the H1 chart to trade
    If the 21EMA and 8 EMA are pointing upwards are you supposed to check the H4 chart to see if both EMA are pointing upwards in order to place the trade this is for the buy trade..Kindly help

  4. Hi Andrew I am already a member of Forex Signals, I downloaded the Pattern Finder as per your instructions on the video. However when I tried to enter my Forex Signal user name and password I am unable to do so. It is not allowing me to type in anything in that space. Oh I have a demo account. I was wondering is that the reason.

  5. His educations and guidance are really worth it. Beginners

    shouldn't miss such an opportunity with him. I would still recommend Sir Brain Hunter, believe me he is a man with solutions to your challenges as a trader. You can always contact him via Email: <<< brainhunter1974 (@) gmail. com >>>

  6. Hi Andrew, I took what you told me and purchased backtesting software and have started backtesting this strategy (with some of my own rules thrown in) and created a journal.

    However, I seem to be getting mixed results my entry is the 15 with the 1hour as the anchor.

    In your opinion is it a good idea to go to long when the 1hr anchor & 15m are both above the Ma's even when the 4hr and daily charts are in a down trend and vice versa? Or just focus on the signals the anchor chart is giving me?

    Look forward to hearing from you.👍

  7. What happens if the trade doesn't get triggered on the next candle after the pin bar/engulfing? Would you immediately cancel the pending order, or, do you have a candle expiry limit, i.e. wait 2 or 3 candles for the trade to be triggered?

  8. Hi Sir. When calculating 2 pips above and below for Entry and Stop Loss, does it also include the wicks (if any) or only the body of the candles?

    And what do you suggest is the minimum required deposit for an account, that is suitable for one that is short of money? Is USD$100 ok?

  9. the problem on your strategies is, that the moving averages are repainting and u cannot backtest it so easy.
    U have to cut the datafeed from there on and then test it, the moving averages are not looking like it is shown there…
    PLEASE dont fall for this

  10. good afternoon Joseph, I have a question, can this system be useful even with smooth moving averages, maintaining the same periods? I ask because I thought that a softer moving average could perhaps be more reliable compared to Japanese candles, thank you for your invaluable information I'm treasuring every detail

  11. Brilliant – simple and clean and looking more at the price action using the candles rather than lots of indicators. Thanks you have completely uncomplicated my charts

  12. hi love the vlogs, quick question in the above strategy your risk  management has your exiting and entering placed around the bullish/bearish engulfed or pin bar yet in a previous vid you suggested counting back the five previous candles from the pullback then work risk management using the high or lows involved,    are you entering quicker on the bullish /bearish engulfer and pin bar as it is stronger signal opposed to the other method

  13. Hello sir, I'm a newbie in forex trading world. I'm still learning a lot from your videos (and others) and still do some testing on my demo account. However, I'm still confused about certain terms in this video:
    1. TP1, TP2, etc : How can I apply this on platform like MT4 since I've seen no such option there.
    2. Percentage of trade : is this the percentage of TP?
    Hope you (or anyone) can enlighten me on these terms.
    Thanks in advance.

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