1. God bless you Raman! I've been watching your videos for a week now and I understand more about trading with your teaching than I have the entire year watching others! There are lots of systems out there but I am adamant about learning to trade without cheat sheets (ie indicators or charts). Tearing up right now because I feel it! I believe in my spirit that this is the way to financial freedom for me and my family! Thank you for being the yielded vessel and continuing this awesome work!

  2. This was fantastic. You hit on exactly the problem I've been having with a 3 year old demanding my attention and this video helped me see the movement so much better. Thank you. You are great

  3. Another marketer who does not give a flying f… about people's finances and I doubt she trades but she may make some money teaching hope to dreamers . She does not risk her own money at trading I can assure you.
    A simple rule of thumb is people making these videos are not risking their money in Forex.
    This is the usual BS nonsense Regards Hayden

  4. Thanks for the great videos! Do you use a broker with NY close charts? Are you able to recommend one? Also… when you look for a signal on the H1 chart… how are you choosing the levels? Are they at daily swings?

  5. Thank you for your Videos! You provide here really good information and stuff! I have read a lot of books about forex trading and a lot of this information is in your Videos and this fro free=) And i found some new infos for me too which i think will help me a lot. greets from Germany

  6. Good evening Raman,
    I'm a french citizen living in Strasbourg city in France and I like your video tutorials .
    As a beginer with a 4 months experience, I 've been learning lots of things about Forex stratégies and could you tell me if I can suscribe your training sessions.
    By the way your fluent english is quite easy to understand for me; Don't change anything ! See you soon ! Jean Yves
    Bonjour à tous les traders francomphones !
    J'aime beaucoup cette chaine de trading anglophone qui m'a bien fait progressé.

    Jean Yves

  7. Hello and thank you very much.
    I am novice in the fx trading and I started 2 weeks ago. Small account and not in the hurry. I am looking into possible life changing experience, I love analysis and charts and I do that for living so segue into trading make sense. I ma doing a lot of research online and have to applaud you for this video. It simplifies trading journey improving learning curve. Kindest regards from Sonny (the beginner). 🙂

  8. Wow, I stumbled upon this video. Raman's talk is everything a trader needs to know. From my experience over the years, plus findings over the internet or the books, she covers them all. All the little bit of information scattered over the internet, she combined them into one great webinar. Thank you for sharing the great work.

  9. Thanks Raman. This video was so informative and simple. I'm considering forex trading and have been looking for resources to understand the concepts and charts etc. The way you explained things in this vid was simply outstanding – thank you. I live in NZ and want to know if you can suggest any good trading platforms that I can use for forex trading from here.

  10. Pravvvvvvo, That is what many of us need in a busy life, now let me start with you , I just started the monthly supscription, and emailed you my skipe name, and still waiting for the pivit Indicator and all the goodies. I will email you my info again, plz continue to help us.

  11. Hi,

    I'm a bit confused because you mention people who don't have the time to look at charts so use the Daily but you're actually dropping down and managing trades at the 1 hour time frame which the average person working 8-4 or 9-5 can't do.

    Do you mean look for a pin bar or rejection at support/resistance on the Daily then at that specific point and time drop down to the 1 hour to look for an entry and leave the trade running all day/2days ?


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