1. The purpose of this piece is to introduce the concept of bitcoin mining. When I was home for holidays, I had family and friends that haven't heard of the word "bitcoin". This space is highly volatile and complex. You have to be open minded and have willingness to learn and teach yourself a completely new skill to see return in this. To make it clear I'm no expert. I just don't want you to miss out the opportunity I'm privileged to have. I'm planning to follow up videos on YouTube as a step by step to get into space. But again, do your own research or you can contact my manager, the man behind my success as a trader Mr. Kelly Michael, he makes use of bots in his mining analysis, he equally earn bitcoins for miners and give them the latest techniques on how to mine bitcoin. Reach him on WhatsApp or telegram for fast response: +1(760)202-5568
    For his assistance on binary and forex trading.

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