1. I read thru the comments and it always seems like the majority simply haven't watched the same video I just watched! I don't know Blake, nor am I even subscribed to his channel. Here's some observations and replies for your reading:

    1. There's nothing wrong with getting stopped out. He mentions his win/loss ratio (which is not 100% win rate, so just listen to what he says). You can also re-read the damn description of this video for crying out loud.

    2. The trade setups are not soley based on the indicators, he's using discretion when he trades.

    3. He has backtested this strategy and SO SHOULD YOU. It's pointless to ask if the strategy works on this pair or that time frame — you have the same damn charts, don't be lazy and go test it yourself.

    4. Why would it matter if this strategy is being implemented from a closet or in a high rise at a prop firm? The strategy is what it is.

    5. 10 pips per week is enough IF you can do simple math. Compounding can and does occur, like it's a real thing. EVEN WITH LOSING TRADES. Even at 1:1 rr with a 60% win rate you are profitable.

    6. Greed is what blows an account. If you're unable to handle the slow growth it requires to allow compounding and a positive equity curve, then my advice is to unfollow FXmaster on Insta.

    7. Your equity curve is not a zero-sum game. You should be adding funds to the trading account anytime you have extra cash. This will only get you to compound the original balance faster.

    8. Size matters. Personally, I'm racing as fast as I can to be able to trade a standard lot. After that is reached, and all things remaining equal, the compounding of equity is scaled rapidly.

  2. When you find a buy and sell, how can you determine the stop loss and take profit to trade/place order? This an accurate strategy because I'm under iml and familiar with dr.spiller

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  5. Ur a gem…for sharing such a great and simple strategy…its not the strategy that will cause ppl to blow up accounts but rather GREED…Ur videos are well appreciated! Keep up the good work…

  6. you realize that if you share a strategy, and more people use it…then you make less money….and so does every new trader. so it makes no sense to share them…unless you're just trying to get views.

  7. I like this better on the h1 chart, works on the gbpusd and audusd as well, but with 60-70% win rate. For the love of god, DO NOT RISK 20% OF YOUR ACCOUNT ON A SINGLE TRADE. Having an inverse RR ratio makes most traders uneasy already.

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