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  2. id like to say thanks !! Your showing of this method has peaked my interests. And I've never had a bot, although now I'm curious will this method work with python. Please tell me your thoughts. CarjacobWhoeyea@Gmail.com

  3. Step 1) lose at forex by using the same strategies the 99% use. step 2) claim you are winning on YouTube or a website. Step 3) suck in all the newbies and make a fortune from the service you are selling.

  4. Any indicator is good when you are analyzing the history of a chart to know the right time to go short and long, however real time trading is completely different then relying on a indicator to tell you what and when. If you want to educate yourself on how to follow the price action then go learn the socks and stones of trading called naked trading, it’s what all these indicators and strategies are based off of. Most people don’t want to put the time and effort it takes to get good at naked trading and rely more so on risk/reward management while going off indicators. All of that doesn’t really empower you as much as being able to actually read the price action, even with a 3:1 ratio you only gotta be right 33% of the time but that’s the key word. You still gotta be right.

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  6. After watching this I truly hope that no one actually tries to implement this and I beg all of you to immediate watch some videos on money management if you even considered this strategy. 10 pips with a 25 pip S/L? That is TERRIBLE risk to reward. One thing you will learn in this business from all profitable traders is that you are going to lose and you are going to lose a lot. Most profitable traders will tell you a batting average of above 60% is doing well, 70% is hard af to achieve. So with a 25 pip stop loss and a 10 pip win means that when you lose a trade you are losing 2 and a half times what you win. That means for every 2 losses you must win 5 trades to break even. That means with this strategy you MUST be at least 71% profitable just to break even. JUST TO BREAK EVEN! Let that sink in PLEASE!! And the guy said he hardly ever sets a Stop Loss because he hardly ever losses? That is the worst advice I have ever heard. I know this video was posted a year ago but I have seen comments recently so again PLEASE take what you have watched here and throw it all away, watch some money management videos and move on.

  7. The Forex Market is a liquidated market that has been on for ages, its only beneficial to those who follow through the right procedure. I have been investing in it and i get a good return on investment.

  8. If someone asked me what ‘is’ the price action methodology and how you trade it –
    I would break it down to these one core components: Combining market structure analysis with other technical features (including top down analysis) with the Ability to forecast. Before you consider taking any action on a trade, chart analysis needs to be done. If you are a beginner or advanced trader, Lukasz Wilhelm will equip you on where to start, how to start, what to expect and his IQD momentum strategy will teach you where to look for opportunities and what to look for. When to enter and exit. Ask google for this method.

  9. Your Analysis is spot on!! thank you very much for the information, I was fortunate to come across a splendid strategy, over time i tested this strategy and it is consistent and very profitable, The Vlad Ibrahimov Strategy is said to be revolutionary and i agree, i am glad this exists, google it.

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