1. You can plan a trade systematically only to end up losing money because an unforeseen event invalidates the trade setup that you thought was so perfect. As you well know, getting an experienced trade agent like Reed Peeters to handle your trades guarantees you profit from trading FOREX. You can contact him on Reedpeeters@gmail. com for further inquiries. Cheers!

  2. hello carter thank you so much for sharing this a very easy strategy i will try and let you know
    i think it does work as i see the back test
    thanks alot

  3. Anyone can read chart history bud, if you really wanna sell your viewers on your knowledge, trade live to show a proven strategy. Not trying to bring you down at all, it’s just better to put your money where your mouth is!

  4. I'm new to forex. Which broker do you recommend? Is there a platform you prefer to use for forex trading? And how much does it cost to make these trades, as in commissions?

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