1. Hi VP, I am a novice in fx and chanced on your video channel. I watched your videos and your algo is like a big puzzle for me. But I am not giving up searching for the correct indi. Anyway many thanks for giving me a very different view
    of trading forex even though I may not get the correct indi or algo.

  2. Hello VP
    I just started to learn forex for just few months.
    Of course for that amount of time i watched hundred videos already about forex
    Then suddenly im so grateful that i just found your channel . I started to watched your video just from the beginning of it,and yet here i am now in this ep9 of your podcast,i want to be in your list as you said in this video for the top indicators is it possible to be given to me? Coz this video is 1 year old already.
    Pls if u have time to read it
    It would be so much great for me if you leave me a comment if its possible to be on that list.

    Sorry for bad grammar.😊

  3. it's been 3 years, since my last time i go broke with Forex it's just bleed me out and i have to stop. I moved on doing a regular job, try to make living. But something inside me keep telling me and make me to look up for the right way in Forex. Yeah… i did come across from absolutely beginner or noobie to somewhere that i can tell that this or that guy are just a fancy GURU, which made me choose the wrong road, along with that hardest thing for me is that English is not my native one. Anyway after seeing your Dirty Dozen well i think i will have to get back on it with my most painful experience……. Because honestly i think you are by far different from those GURU out there.
    I will try to catch up. because this is my first day watching your video.
    just hope to get some more hint from you.

    Sorry for my English, that what make me hard and rarely comment on youtube.

  4. Sorry if this question is a little ridiculous, but I'm really confused. I can't figure out how to put downloaded indicators onto the platform. I use Oanda as my broker. When I go onto MT4 and try to create an account it always takes me to Forex.com. Do you use MT4 as a sub-account?

  5. i could not imagine how or why there are 75 persons did give you dislike, thank you for you effort.

    one question about the amount that i should trade on it in my acount, in meta trader 5 if my balance was like the demo account 10k usd when i do any order the order of goining long ro short is by euro, 0.05 is 5000 euro and i didnt get it

  6. I don't know if this has been asked before – but wouldn't it be useful to use the indiators everyone else uses in an attempt to gain an edge? Knowing everyone has the RSI, you can get an upper hand of your competition.

  7. I honestly just found you through a friend of mine. I have no knowledge of Forex except to buy and sell haha. anyways I am part of a company who said it'll teach me how to trade. The education part is shitty, not gonna lie. I wanted to learn so much from it but I had to keep marketing which made me feel so stressful. I was frantic to the point I had a nervous breakdown because I was being pushed to market and recruit. Most people I know there don't even know what SL or TP to use and they use the RSI. Thank god for this channel <3 Much love from Canada by the way

  8. this podcast has added so much value to my being. I was feeling doubtful and some how came across your channel. I am so happy I found you. Thanks a million, I am binge watching/hearing the podcast from video 0. I love your style!

  9. I have gone through all the videos and podcasts up to this point, starting with the first one forward. There have already 2 gems of indicators that after back testing, already have improved my trading and could anyone else. Can't wait to find out the rest! Thanks..

  10. To buy or not to buy…"guilty". I've got a few indicators I've purchased over the years. Some cheap-o hacks from eBay and a few from dedicated coders (I won't mention names because I refuse to afford them any free publicity). Most of the indicators were sold at price points which removed some of the "this is crap" stigma but were affordable to pretty much everyone – no doubt they did their marketing research. Of course, the shiny bling bling screenshots were cherry picked (who expects losers in a sales pitch?) illustrating win after win.
    Recently, I got the idea to run comparative backtesting with some of the indicators I've been collecting from various sites…indicators that cost nary a thin dime. Some of the paid for indicators did okay, some were late to get in or late to get out, some just missed the boat entirely, but overall, there was no proof the "indicators for hire" were better than the free ones. In most cases, they were mediocre at best. Actually, I wasn't surprised; in fact, I expected it. Really, the big picture here is to become complacent. I've looked at hundreds in the last few weeks (discounted many based on screenshots) and downloaded a bunch which I test on their own and against each other, tweaking settings and so forth until the hardest part is deciding on which make the "short list". I've got a decent algorithm as it stands but I'd never consider it the best it could be – not by a long shot. I'm definitely more picky at this point and I know it's kind of a nerdy thing, but when I come across one which has promise, my heart rate picks up a bit and the prospect of ratcheting down on losing trades while picking up the occasional extra winner; or extending a winning trade makes the day seem a bit brighter. Say there Sparky, I've got some slightly used indicators for sale – low miles but pretty colors…cheap! Interested?

    Edit: Below is a list of of places to search (it's been posted more than once by others in the room – see? We can all play in the sandbox…








  11. Hi VP, I just found you, with your comments, videos, and podcast, GREAT work , finally i can answer many question i had when i just started thinking in Trading . THANKS, glad to find you and understand that the 1% or less DOES exist and works hard to reach the Sky limit

  12. Dear VP,

    I came across your YouTube channel and thank God for stumbling across it. I have now started working on finding indicators based on what you told us to steer clear of and I have managed to screen through close to 2,000 indicators in a short period of time since most of them are under the dirty dozen or variations of the dirty dozen.

    I saw a paid indicator called the Trend Rider from Tradeciety.com. I would love to test it out, just checking if you have tested that indicator before and if yes, what is the outcome?

  13. The only other guy I watch to get Forex info from is an Englishman who has been successfully trading for over 30+ yrs. He is on fxinfoonline. He follows alot of your ideas…BUT he does use Bollinger Bands. Please do a video soon showing us why this, in your opinion, this is a Bad Indicator. Thanks.

  14. Hi VP, thank you for your very informative video. The information that I am receiving is overwhelming to points where I have no questions at this moment as the information I am getting is new and it really makes a lot of sense. I thank you and I am definitely going to keep watching and listening.

    Many Thanks

  15. listening to you at times is hard, because even though you have or might have the best intentions, you always wanna make it seem like it is your way or all else fails….which i definitely know is not true.

  16. Notice the video voice modulation/bass has changed from earlier videos MUCH BETTER, THANKS !
    Came to learn. after I spent over $ 10-12k (dumb-ass me) just for conferences,courses and thousands
    of hrs. of FX training ? I lost my total adult savings. Laugh If you must. Millions of others like myself do It every year. Its
    a very lucrative business to pump totally free and available information to Elders, Millennial's, Baby Boomers
    and of course the Trust fund Babies. Of course I am one just like most of you unless your alien ?
    None of the courses I suffered through (None of them) had anyone qualified to teach anything to anyone
    there are no standards. Kind of like the internet with no boundaries. I have found every thing JV to
    share and explain to be dead-on. He is Clear and not annoying to listen to. " He Is slow he/ is fast" everybody
    is different, folks. I have paid and listened to a hell of a lot worse and left scratching my head and saying
    " what the hell was that and why doesn't it work after the event is over"? Look forward to anyone that could
    deliver anything as High Quality and Concise at this price, Happy Holidays, Thanks, JV

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