1. Hello Adam,
    I tested for real this technique and it does not work very well in the long run. On the other hand, I coded an EA with lots of parameters and conditions to make it efficient and in that way, it works very well.

  2. 2 years later and i still come out here to refine my trading skills on fundamental trading good lessons indeed @adamkhoo do you perhaps scalp news on a bias direction using market execution instead of pending orders to maximize profits? and do you advise using a bias execusion at times?

  3. Hello Adam!
    I'm trading forex for around 10 years now, I know how brokers deal with you when you trying to scalp and believe me, I opened almost 100 broker accounts, but the slippage is terrible. Adam, if you have a deal with your Pepperstone broker that give you low or no slippage, I'll be glad to work with you and share my knowledge. This message is also addresed to eveyone else is someone knows such broker!

  4. If you wish to become a trader and achieve regular success from your trades, it is always advised to demo trade first. This gives you the opportunity to develop your trading strategy, practice it relentlessly, and increase your trading confidence.

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