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  2. Scalping 1 min time frame is good way to make quick money if you know the game well by that I mean draw your Support & resistant line on 30 minutes time frame & scalp between them look for traps and failures. Thanks for the free information as always

  3. I watched till I couldn't watch. There is nothing here. The advice is too general. I've traded for years. There isn't a single technique mentioned. Chase got it right… 'go into depth', so I will. This is so typical. They just want to up the subscription count and sell us something.
    Actually, scalping on the 1m euro, ECN for low commish (most the other pair's spreads are too high) is the best. Draw u'r trendline…. yes on the 1m…. as soon as you get 2 pivot points, enter immediately (pausing, questioning, fear, doubt are killers in scalping), hold for your 3-10 pips and longer as long as price holds that little trendline. Exit when price breaks the trendline (or you get your $ u'r ok with). Your a scalper so get ready to draw another line going the other way, then trade.
    Position size is a critical aspect to scalping. Trading mini's or micro's is a waste of time. Go trade the 4hr/Daily's to learn your craft. Seriously. Charts are the same whether you are on 4hr or 1m. Trade the largest position you can. I started trading 1/2 lots but now trade 5-10 lots. It will take time to build your account but you can do it.
    Ok, back to technique… once you get a pull back (maybe you traded it, maybe not), pull a Fib. Every trading platform has a Fib tool. If you have MT4, use settings to show both your retracement and extension on the same tool. A 61.8 retrace setting is 0.618 (check the properties values). Now, add another level using the setting — 0.618 (Description: 161.8). This will produce an extension at the 161.8 extension. You can then add the 142, 132, etc. I only use the 161 and 142. Go back in your charts and find a move, then a pullback, pull a Fib and you'll discover the very high probabilities of a 50. and 61.8 pullback… then a 142.6 or 161.8 extension fill. Fibs are more accurate on shorter time frames… fact… period… done. The retrace can be 50% or 38%… great… get in! Go back in your chart and practice, practice, practice. You'll get the hang of it. Forget Stochastics and MACD's… they're too slow. Price gives a rat's *&% about indicators & MA's. The market uses major price levels, trendlines and Fibs… especially on small time frames.
    Scalping takes focus, attention to detail, focus, a quick trigger finger, focus, confidence and a skill set that is unique. I can scalp for about 2 hours… then need a break, but I'm old, now. You can double your acct balance every 2-3 months. I know… I've done it… and so can you… and you don't need to buy or join anything.
    I hope you put in the time bcuz I'm not kidding… it takes time and practice.

  4. There's actually no standard strategy to achieve the highest potiental in this industry as it goes from person to person or from different experiences. But thanks for sharing your ideas anyways. It helped a lot. Keep it coming and god speed. Thank you.

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  6. Hello! I am trying to scalp dax and eur/usd (without going into the market – u can call it dry trading where I just search for signal I decide I'd go, I say like "I give myself 5pts SL max" and put 10gbp per 1 point. For example today I'd make about 170+ points without hitting any stop loss. Does it really mean that I'd make 1700~ gbp ? O,o it is kind of scary but risking 5pts which is 50gbp to gain potentially 100+ (which I aim for) seems let's say… "too easy" ?
    I'd like your opinion on this one. Can you really turn let say 250 gbp into 1950 gbp (IF U HIT that 170 points ?) For me it's just scary 😛

  7. Great video, I usually use fibonnaci extension levels to fade volatile markets, they are very accurate, and occasionally you can catch quite large reversals, even tops and bottoms of some big moves 🙂

    Awesome vid 🙂

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