1. Funny how i bought the AMG bot last year and it blew consistently
    Threw that trash away and learnt trading the hard way
    Today i can pipes without depending on people's efforts

  2. As an industry insider who makes a living from retail speculation in both the currency and commodity markets, beating the market is 100% possible but you need the right information to do that. It is mostly used on the trading floor and now accessible by retail traders. I make proper research before trading on any platforms because strategies are meant to be developed always.
    Lukasz Wilhelm's is always a better option to me and his eBooks are well recommendable.

  3. You’re among the fortunate mate. I had lost thousands to trading before meeting Reid Hoffman. He effected the change I’ve always hoped for. He’s great. Shootout to you Reid, we all love you

  4. Some traders rush entries because of the fear of missing out… There is no need to rush with Forex. The feeling of ‘missing out’ can always be overwhelming If you miss the buss. but don't worry there is always another one to come up. Lukasz Wilhelm has always be my mentor, i read he's ebooks and study he's trading system all time. IQD Momentum strategy is so knowledgeable, someone find out more about it on google.

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