1. I know it is old video, but if you trade swing AND pullbacks, its very efficient. Waiting just for pullback is OK if you can handle missing a trade or few (or dont open 1 position on certain value, but scale in). You can easily (if you have enough equity) open small lot on swing and add more into it on pullbacks, or temporary dives due to small news. You just have to be patient and follow strict rules. On good pullbacks you can get (depending on timeframe) from 2:1 to 8:1 ratio very very often, but everyone can tell that it is less painful to lose 4000€ on trade based on 1H chart with stoploss on 40 pips, than 2000€ on trade based on M5-M15 with stoploss of 10 pips, also the noise.

  2. im following up from many years now. your work is amazing and you always replied to my emails on time. i am sure you are successful in trading. what is stopping you from offering monthly signal/copier subscription?

  3. Yes bro. Thas all about. For me the best sign of pulback is for example in up trend, broken resistance wich became support, the pulback most of the time happens in this area. And broken s&r by big candle, always there is retest and most of the cases trend is countinued and there is good opportunity for trade as well. This case I love most, its a powerful PA tool :). Of course as you said there are loses, but the most important thing is money managment. even in good trend risk ratio 1:1 trades are leading to loses. at least 2:1 should be ok. I said exactly what is in your video , nothing new. Good luck 🙂

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