1. Had been studying the market quite for a long time now. And realized that easy strategies are the way to go. We dont need fancy indicators or thousands of lines on the chart. Just stick to the simple things e higher timeframes.
    Your content is prime, Nick. Thank you so much for this.

  2. This is one of my favourite strategies, it is simple to implement and has a good success rate. It occurs across all the time frames, but trading it on the higher ones tends to give better risk/ reward. You explained it perfectly. Newer FX and equity traders should really study this technique inside out and practice on demo then journal their trades using it – obviously using 2:1 RR. Over time it will pay handsomely.

  3. Great Video Nick. I think most important part about this trade is the Risk to Reward is 2 to 1. I believe if the Risk to reward was 1 to 1 you wouldnt enter that trade.

  4. thank you Nick. you are the MAN. every one you will succeed if you follow Nick. never quit. some people are slow learners (like me) others learn fast. if you focus and put in the time ,you will succeed.

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