1. I don't know the significance of this but in the very introduction he has displayed the incorrect figure that is displayed to represent the supposed total value of the company (1:43) according to the calculation he suggests (total number of shares X individual share price) to the point where it is not even a valid figure (501, 9800, 000 is not a legitimate figure).

  2. I'm 58 years old. I'm going to start investing but I won't do it until I learn all Adam is teaching . Guys….this is pure gold. Take it seriously. I will expend all the time I need until I'm sure that I can go and make it. Adam ….my respect for you

  3. Mr Khoo, you are an absolute genius and the most humble teacher. I have been primarily a position trader and did not feel comfortable with any other types of trading. Thank you for this amazing lecture. I am deep indebted to you.

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