1. Rayner, I have not yet seen any videos on YouTube about Entry Types. Do you set your buy entry and SL at a previous support so when price reverses down it hits, you are in the trade or market buy stop entry just above the support area to make sure that the price has made a move up.

  2. Thanks for sharing Rayner. Your content is very helpful. New traders sitting all alone at their computers normally don't have a clue on how to trade. Anyone can explain a chart AFTER the trading day is over. It's learning how and when to get into your trades that matter. This was huge. Finding good trades is the trick also. Can you share your due diligence criteria? Thanks sir.

  3. How will you maintain ur target risk reward ratio if u will put ur stop loss away from the support or lets just say market structure? Of course u will enter near support what if ur wrong? Ur cutloss will be bigger than the accepted risk?

  4. Complete noob, just wondering why you don't ever mention trailing stops? Totally understand placing your stops under the support (not too close) but how come you don't use/mention trailing stops? Your vids are awesome BTW! 👍

  5. Dude every video that I have watched, I have learned something, in fact I have learned more from you then any other source..and I am very thankful for you time in teaching true things abt trading…and I am new at this trying to learn all I can before I set money to trade in the market.. currently I practice on forex.com platform..do you think this is good enough for a beginner..p.s. I have your books and I am reading them..plz keep it up..I need you man🙂..be blessed

  6. Very nice and clear description for novices like me. One thing i want to ask is that, you said keep a stoploss at a distance from the support or resistance. Can you please elaborate at approximate what percent below or above should be the stoploss ( % below support/ % above resistance). For eg should it be 3% below or above support/resistance. Thanks in advance

  7. thnk you sir, your videos are great i would love to see more videos in price action. It would be more helpfull if u make a video on price action for begginers who have no idea about it and interestingly I am one of them. a helpful reply from your side I expect. thank you 🙂

  8. thank you for the great video! question, at 21:24, when you talk about waiting for the pullback, would you wait to see what the pullback does before taking action? i.e. check if it goes high/low?

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