1. I advise beginners to seek the advise of an expert to avoid losses, self trading without proper knowledge has really cost me alot but I'm glad I met Alexander Livingstone, he has helped me recover my losses

  2. Hi. How are you. I need a little help. I m not able to understand technical chart of a stock …..putting all you indicators and etc ….plz help me …. Nifty stock ( indiabulls housing finance ) . Strucked heavily @325- …

  3. please explain time frame you used in those charts shown to understand better for a beginner like me. also if possible post a LIVE TRADING video based on this setup in future. thank you. and another request is – make a video for SWING trading based on moving averages crossover – if background of your screen is white – it is more comfort to see. you may like black background !! 🙂

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