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  2. Your YouTube videos are extremely well done. If I have a question about indicators or strategy I search out your content because I know I will get a factual account without bias or sales pressure. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Mark,

    I didn't quite get it, but with other sources I put this together. Maybe this helps other people too:


    Volume means market participation.

    when there is little market participation – that is little volume – it doesn't mean that there is neccesserily little price change. Say there is a 10% price change but only a relatively low amount of volume, then OBV won't rise since its main utility is to show us strong market participation. Why is this important? Because it can show us that something is changing based on a mutual price agreement amongst many people. If the price is manipulated by few, OBV can show us that, hence aniticipating a diversion.

    This all, is of course based on the theory, that volume precedes price. Which is sometimes true and sometimes not.

  4. yeah like this, put on before and didn't like because i did not understand it. I'm trying trendlines on it, seem to work mostly as well… Enjoying you telling me all about these indicators etc. Thanks.

  5. I find volume to be so important and OBV is a little tricky to understand but you did an excellent job as usual describing it. Thank you! Please make more videos on volume indicators and which ones you think are the best!

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