1. I am amazed Rayner.. Your thought process is excellent.. So many so called technical analysts make it like rocket science.. But You make it so simple that even a newbie can start their trading without fear. Keep doing this for people like me. God bless.

  2. A basic question, when you talk about trading on forex and indices like AUD/USD or S&P 500 etc, you're actually referring to trading in futures right? Or am I missing something? Please help!

  3. Thank you for showing us such clear analysis and thought process. Would love to see you bring us through position sizing calculations, setting of entry, exit prices in real time😊

  4. Thank you Rayner for this analysis, how do you do to see things so simple? definitely one is the one that entangles the things, in the time that I have been following it has changed my way of seeing the trading very positively;

    Thanks again, continue with your teachings and live the trading.
    translated by Google

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