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  2. The fact is there is no system can be predicted 100% in market. Whatever expensive and great system you had, that only show a variable of algorithm been calculated and that tell you based on the past database. This side we call Tactical analysis, but never forget market movement also based on Fundamental, and fundamental can be devide control and uncontrol. Sometimes fundamental can be good to predict when it come to your side and tally with you tactical analysis. But fundamental with uncontrol factor you can never be predicted such as disaster of mother nature. for example, Japanese Yen may good for invest at that time though, but if Tsunami happen, all the thing will going upside down. You cant control tsunami though.. so….100% predicted you think? nah….

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  4. Super cool video I was just reaching out to other youtubers to help out i have created a reddit forum called "stock trading videos" you can post your videos on there for more exposure. Hope it helps your doing great keep it up.

  5. this strategy is not work properly…. or I don't know how to use cause if you see renko and take position sell or buy some minutes after the renko change it's direction again

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