1. Can someone help me build up from a small balance? So far I’ve got £11.05 and I really want to grow it if you have any good signals I can use or let me join your vip group for free please send me your link so I can join or text me on telegram: Dawudfx

  2. Sucks man there are thousands off ppl trying to chase the same thing don't trade news
    trade 4 hour weekly highs and lows and channels or wedges on 4 hours furthermore look at Doji but fat body then big fat candle up next candle sell tp 20 pips do opposite when buying this might be gibberish to you I've blown accounts for over 5 years only starting to see returns now and still blow shit up here and there don't trade with stpl hope this info helps this msg is worth millions of dollars but you boys and girls not persistent enough and way too greedy ill throw my broker referral if you want to use someone solid use these guys they payout I had no problems with them enjoy the struggle
    ps if you cant grow 100$ account consistently you're an idiot to invest more then 100$ at a time also drop your leverage to 1:50 nothing higher then 1:100 MAX otherwise you will blow your shit up to be patient
    use my broker trust me its worth your while and as thanks for free info I wrote here that actually works when used right use my referral link but don't accept bonus or incentives just open standard account good luck everyone https://fbs.com/?ppu=2744803
    ill be throwing free signals on telegram soon

  3. Try and stay out of major news a valuable lesson I learned. trade it a day after dust settles. Rate decisions, GDP news and NFP are a trader's grave yard

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