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  2. Simply the best forex youtube channel. You deserve the best. Please share one more good scalping strategy. like you shared about SMA and SR confluence in the past. Thanks

  3. You have to detach the real traders from these marketers, If you have been trading for a while, it's easy to spot a real trader and who is an actor. This guy here is a real trader. No fuzz, just a fact.

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  5. You meant to say, use a "sell stop" to open a short breakout. And, use a 'buy stop' to open a long trade breakoit., Not limit orders, unless you can use stop limits, to open a trade. 'Buy stops to open" are used on breakout s upward. Visa versa for sell stops to open a trade.

  6. Guys be careful of scammers here.. so many scammer in this section of the market… don't believe on this account management thing many of them are complete ripoff… just subscribe to This channel (The secret Mindset) and watch ever videos and practise in demo trading until you are confident and trade on your own…. i guarantee you will be happy after the result.

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