1. I think you are the most legit forex trader out there. No fancy watches and clothes, no expensive cars and women. Only trading forex and thats all. Thanks for info. Can you tell me please, 1% per month is achievable with any account ( 1 k or 1 millions dollars ) and can you tell me roughly whats is the risk for 1 % per month. Thanks.

  2. Hi Nick, I really want to do this but I don't have anybody around who does Forex and I really want learn and start trading but I don't want to go into what I don't have a working knowledge about so that's why I've not started, please can you teach me? I'm willing to learn. I'm currently in China.

  3. Thanks Nick. I will try it out and compare between this and Carl Richardson's which one gives more profit because with Carl's I make about five times whatever I invest and am sure not to loss all if prices drop.

  4. Very interesting. I have been trading with my own money for four years. I have made and lost lots of money. This is my advice for what it's worth: 1. I don't use stop losses or profit limits- brokers use these against their own clients! Yes, retail brokers trade against their own clients, although they will never admit it. This because they owe money to their liquidity provider- these guys provide the funding for retail traders to play on the international markets. 2. Your total margin exposure should preferably not be more than 5% of the $ value of your account. 3.The $ value of your account should never be more than one third of the total $ value of your assets. 4. You should not let your drawdown go beyond one third of the $ value of your account. Beyond this point, drawdown tends to spiral out of control- especially with Donald Trump's trade war with China. 5.The margin of each trade should not be more than 1 to 2 % of the $ value of your account. 6. Your short term trend (5 min to 30 min chart) should always match your long term trend (daily- monthly chart). If your short term trend contradicts your long term trend, you could be exposed to a correction which could cost you money. Short term trends always correct to the long term trend eventually. Watch out! 7. Currencies can be divided into four classes: 1st Class (USD, GBP, EUR, CHF), 2nd class )CAD, AUD, NZD, 3rd class (SEK, NOK, DNK, SGD, HKD), 4th class (all the exotic currencies). NEVER go long on a lower class currency when paired with a higher class currency. The long position must always be with the higher class currency, and the short position with the lower class currency. If the currencies are from the same class, you can go long or short on either of the currencies. 8. Keep up to date with the latest politics and economics at all times. Use fundamentals first then technicals before making a decision to open a position. 9. NEVER open an account with an unlicenced broker- I have lost thousands of Dollars making this mistake. The broker should preferably be licenced with the FCA in London, the FSCA in South Africa, CySec in Cyprus, or the FSC in Australia. Avoid brokers who are licenced in the Carribean or Pacific islands. If you loose money through your broker, and they are licenced, you claim from the Authority's fidelity fund. 10. Trading is not for just anyone. Very few people have the analytical skills, and the mental discipline to be successful. I've been trading for four years and I still make mistakes. New traders should always have stable salaried employment, using trading as a secondary income. Good luck. Love your videos.

  5. Hi nick just encountered your channel and I appreciate what you do. Im currently in the process of learning about forex my problem is that I work full time 9am – 6pm south African time Cat when will it be perfect for me to analyze and execute trades that won't interfere with my working hours? I don't want to fall Into the temptation of signal providers and I have made use of EA ended up blowing my accounts

  6. The forex Market is a really challenging business., you must know the right technique, Strategy and have enough experience to your name to accutally make that money.

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