1. I just want to explain something. Your first chart could also be a buy. Do you see how earlier on it hit the supply zone level (resistance) and then started to bounce off it with more and more speed/momentum? Now look recently, it hits the supply zone, but doesn't off it as hard. It shows that the sellers have weakness because it doesn't bounce off as hard. It's in a range and hits the resistance. Logically the sellers should be jumping and be enthusiastic as fuck, but the price doesn't drop to the floor. The sellers are losing pressure. Then again you still have to be careful because it could be a wyckoff upthrust or a bear flag (the range is consolidation) if it was previously in a major down trend. Also maybe consider using tick volume as an indicator (it is a substitute to actual fx volume and has notable correlation). Also derivatives of volume.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Kou!! Much appreciated!
    I've been programming (professionally) for a while and I'd be happy to help. Let us know where to find your programming projects on github. 👍🏽

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