1. Hi Tim , i hope everything is going well with you. Thanks for the strategy information. I want to know if we can do the same with 50 MA and 200 MA .
    For sure i will like to see the test of your strategies.

  2. The London breakout is most times a fake out to induce retail traders to trade in the wrong direction. The real moves most time happens in the New York session. Learnt that from my account manager who makes me at least twice my investments every week.

  3. Tim it looks like on the NZD/CAD Daily chart that if it does close above the 20 ema it will also have the parabolic sar changing as price would now be above it instead of below it like it is right now

  4. London Breakout? I'm very curious. The London session hasn't been as active as the U.S. session for the last year or so. Or maybe all asset classes haven't been volatile as of late.

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