1. good day. My name is Stephen just saw this video sir and subscribed to your channel. my reason for being on Youtube, i was looking for a scalping strategy since i am new to Forex. i have one question though how can i determine my take profit and which pairs are better to use for this strategy?

  2. What Are The SL & TP Targets? Because How We Know That Its The Time To Close Our Profits? You Just Give Entry Point in This Strategy Ignoraing The Other Essential Parts Of Trading, So The Streatagy Is Uncomplete.

  3. If prices closed higher than they opened, then market professionals were probably more bullish than amateurs. If prices closed lower than they opened, then market professionals were probably more bearish than amateurs. It pays to trade with the professionals and against the amateurs. Since I am trading with Lukasz Wilhelm's strategy it is safe to say I am trading with the professionals. You don't have to agree with me but since i'm profitable, that is the only deduction I can make.

  4. In order to BUY- should you choose a bullish candle that sits on the MA lines and does its close need to be ABOVE the MA ?? Also does the bullish candle have to touch ALL 3 MA lines? watched vid many times, but the explanation of the bullish candles is so quick…. Thank you!!!

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  6. any mov avg system works well in a trending mkt. any indicator does. its the ranging whip-saw mkts, that you conveniently just skipped over, stating; "oh this is a ranging mkt" and you avoided,' when you have the benefit of hindsight to see it after its happened. you dont know its happening until you get kicked in and out using your method taking lots of losses. yet you just avoid it saying its a ranging mkt. do it live across 1 week of trades and post that ! mov avg systems generally lose

  7. Trading Scalping Signals on the daily time frame contain more value as good trading opportunities, because they contain more price data within the signal. IQD Momentum strategy signal on a 15 minute chart contains only a profit making fraction of the data in comparison, with Lukasz wilhelm strategy you can see a pure price chart were you’re peering into the collected psychology of the market gaining reasonable profits. you can get connected to this signal if you search for it on google.

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