1. This is a simplified Bill Wiilliams Alligator strategy, convergence/divergence/crossover of ma s. Used with higher time frame trend direction, or supply/demand level analysis it is a classic strategy and works well for scalping in low time frames.

  2. 🧡💛💚💙 In this video traders we're going to talk about the Moving Average Cookie Strategy where you eat cookies all day 🧡💛💚💙

  3. Excellent one tweak if it is that is to wait for the pullback as you have confirmed bullishness the 50 on rsi and the stoch or bearish below the 50 with the ma crossover great idea thanks for sharing.

  4. What is oversold / overbought in forex? Im hearing some contradictory information out there and grappling with the answer. Currencies do not have intrinsic value in the same way that stocks do, based on company valuation, earnings etc. Currency value, compared against the opposite pair, surely can go anywhere the market forces say it can. Thanks for your help.

  5. if you add a block trade indicator with this, you will exit before the cross, with the institutional money. Watch for …say… contracts over 20 to the opposite side of the move.

  6. Thank you for this video. Personally, I tested crossing moving averages in Algo trading platform TSLab on the 10 year period of time RTS index. Up to 2009 when the market was in trend it was profitable, but since 2009 and up to these days this strategy losing because the market has fewer trends.

  7. Here's the problem with all of these indicator based strategies: they are all about 50/50 win/loss. Take 100 of these coin-flips and you might get a run of 10 winners but how many losing trades in a row can you sustain without fiddling with the strategy.

  8. I use EMA crossover strategy for my trade and i use escactly RSI and Scoti for confirmation . this is best strategy i found .i make around 50 to 75 pips net a week .But i use different EMA than this video .
    thanks for this video it awesome

  9. rsi 3 + rsi14 or stoch(default) + rsi14 . When price below EMA/SMA's stoch and Rsi3 are in overbought and rsi14 is touching the 50mark from down to up. Sell signal

  10. I do something very similar for trading equities. On the 5 minute chart, I use the SMA 5 and SMA 20. My buy and sell signals are exactly when the crossover happens. If you can trade commission free(Robinhood & use trading view for charting), if you have over 25k in your account to get around the pdt rule, and if you are trading high volume 3x etf’s (a couple of my favs are JNUG and JDST) then you can buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, sell, at every crossover. You ARE stagnant on the days the market is sideways and down, but win big when the market is up. I average about 1% account growth per day with this strategy. This growth is sustainable with an account up to about 150k, at which point take 50k in profits and do it again.

  11. I use a 5 EMA and a 10 EMA with a 10 period RSI applied to the H/L Median and a line at the 50 level of RSI, using this on H1 time frames once the MA,S Cross wait for the candle close then buy or sell set sl as explained in the video I would say 80% of the time it works if not more and on average the H1 Crossover you can see 100 pip moves. This is not always guaranteed for 100 pip moves but the strategy does work and is actually better than some I have seen. I was always taught to keep your strategy simple as over complicating things will fog your mind and you will over trade on bad decisions 🙂 happy trading have fun testing ! Side note I often shoot for just 10 pips once a crossover has occurred but you will need some capital to do the 10 pips a day method alongside the strategy however you can make substantial gains from 10 pips a day and in time potential up to $200,000 a month from a measly 10 pips !

  12. Good day. please whats your name? I would like to say you are doing a great job, and I think this strategy works best on the daily timeframe. I'm more concerned with the moving average and stochastics at the moment. Danke

  13. The traditional moving average crossover strategy (including its shortcomings) is reviewed here:
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