1. If your a millionaire why film in hotel Lobby’s in London and you make “dollars “ when your currency is “pound sterling”? One of your videos your in the “living room” but why do you have two fire extinguishers in there? Plus you keep walking past cars and not get in and drive away in one. Cringe

  2. It isn't the support and resistance that runs the market. You can close your eyes and plot a random line on the chart, you will always find price bounce/reversal at that line. Try it

  3. This guy doesnt make money from forex, he makes it by selling his course. Proof is in the fact that he says support and resistance ALWAYS work in forex. Laughable

  4. Most Strategies are completely underrated if only people knew that they could actually be making thousands of dollars using The Vlad Ibrahimov Strategy oh well for better trading results just google the strategy right now and get started with it.

  5. this guy said there was a 1000 pip movement within the sessions. Man you look at the charts all day and you don't even know that it was 100 pips.
    Go to 3:50 in the video. this fool doesn't know what he is talking about.

  6. support & resistance is a one line & we combine those lines to create strong zone S&R & in order to entry,we plot fibonacci to spot the entry point & TP. Forex is tough but can be master. I am a trader from Malaysia

  7. @0:05 Man, why does this lifestyle start the same f*ckin way with everybody. Look like a burglar holding a case full of rolling paper, go down the elevator, brush next to a rich guys rolls… Etc..

  8. Lmao now I can believe u got some money but are you lying about having all the yes you are bro just keep it 100 ppl will still join

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