1. Thanks for another amazing video. Thanks for poiting out the trap of drawing too many minor trendlines.
    I am doing stock swing trading on a daily timeframe. Does the "don't draw trendline above daily timeframe" apply to a daily timeframe trader as well? I assume that rule is only applicable for day trading?

  2. Hi Karen. Thank you for the video. It's very helpful. I'm very interested to take up forex trading. I'm a new beginner and would like to start off. What would be your simple advice to me as a new begginer?

  3. Lol at the Spider-Man comment, I thought the same.would you say monthly and weekly key levels are a good way to go along with the larger tf trendlines? Merging the two

  4. What I have learned is to draw the major trend line. But what the difficult is that, sometime the market doesn't change the trend even it breaking the major trend. It just break with many candles, then go to the same direction.

  5. Hi karen, thanks a lot for that explanation, iam a beginner and i learned from this lesson that the tendline and support&reristance are not same. I thought they r same. Thanks again

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