1. Another one of Navin's world class, webinars on price action. Education is the most powerful weapon in trading. Most traders have an incomplete understanding of the different elements of trading, and that is why even with a lot of knowledge they still lose money. I can remember when I thought I knew so much about trading, yet I knew so little. Theory is only aspect of education, and in my estimation it's the least valuable. What you get form practice, experience. Comparing experience with theory, and using every loss as a recommendation for improvement? That's where you become great. If you're trading a live account and you haven't mastered trading successfully on demo, with the education you have? You are a gambler! For a good 9 months I traded in live accounts trying to make money, blowing accounts after accounts. I was honestly just gambling, hoping… I just knew I was gonna lose, but I was just hoping I'd make money. It wasn't until I accept being a gambler and decided to demo until I had confidence in my ability that I got extremely good. When you are focused consistently on improving, set at least an hour to trade (demo) and learn from your experience. You will overtime enter the flow state and soon you'll be surprised at acceleration in your improvements. Focus + Intention + Motivation = Success. Love the process, and keep dreaming.

  2. Around the 1hr 5min region, Navin said something about introducing a "earn as you learn program" to assist those that have small funds, where they can copy his trades, has that program began. Thank

  3. after the exact 30 mins of watching this video, I made a really good trade with a really good positioning. Thank you Navin for all the great instructional videos, god bless!

  4. The big players don’t care about stops. But the truth of the matter is that retail traders’ stops don’t flash on the radar of bank traders at all. In fact, professionals don’t even see retail stops on an individual level, nor could they care less because the sizes are too small. My broker AAFX team holds years of knowledge and expertise from the Forex trading industry, I can rest assured they can always help me pursue my Forex trading goals.

  5. Over an hour on mastering stop loss in forex only to learn "it's not so simple, It's not location, not an amount, and not pips. Has to do with how you're reading the market. If you're reading the market wrong, the stoploss will be wrong". LOL Thanks for clearing this all up, Master! Perhaps a better title would be "Clueless about Stop Loss, Me Too: an in depth discussion on something I know nothing about!" Do people actually pay you?

  6. Dude, you're a genius. The negativity I've seen around the web when it comes to your training made me wonder if what you're teaching is good… but I found out about you today and what you teach really works. Not in the sense that it's a quick fix, a indicator that's going to change everything… you really teach how to look at the markets like markets. I'm still wrapping my mind around your concepts, but I'm watching all your videos to try and understand things slowly. I guess what you teach is so simple… yet so complex/powerful, that it makes people some think you're some kind of scammer. Keep doing what you doing. As soon as I get some profits from your free stuff, I'll join your paid programs for sure. (Also, I've been doing marketing for years so props for your funnels and strategy too!)

  7. Can a stop loss automatically be moved up as the market goes up during your trade. For example: If I enter a trade at $30 put my target at $37 and my stop at $27, and while my trade is heading north to the $37 can I automatically have my stop loss chasing that upward trend so that no matters what happens once it hits that chasing stop loss (which has gone north of my entry point) I can still profit from the trade once it either goes up again or comes back down to that stop loss that has been chasing?

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