1. You're my favorite forex coach off what you said joking around. That's how I make money time and time again 😂 Definitely had my brain like what I miss???? Hahaha great personality! 👍

  2. Would u plz explain the RBMan 2nd run at 26:30. How do we distinct his run from one to another? When market is moving sufficient- finding RBMan's 1st, 2nd, 3rd run is ok. But when market is chopy like the example at 26:30 what should we follow?

  3. I understand what you saying, but i just cant get the logic of it. One thing is that when you have a full picture of the chart of the past and future, you will be able to exactly know how to related it to the technical analysis, of fundamental analysis, or market sentiment….But in real trade when you just having the past record and no future record, its impossible to come out with the analogy example that you did.

    For example at the video 28:37, when the stock move up the another resistance line (above 1.46), how do u know its still a bear and not a bullish? if on that instant you are just seeing the past chart. From the past chart is clear that its already bottom out, shouldnt that be a great opporunity to enter and wait for bullish to hit you?

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