1. I am doing forex trading for 10 years in demo account. I can make 100% profit in long positions and short position with 0 % drawdown. .CIn india it is unleagal. Can you help me to have a job in forex trading outside india.

  2. I don’t know if the’s anything such as over “thank you” but am going to say it again thank you Navin , you’ve made me fall in love with Forex with this simple analogy , this extract from MPA comes as emphasis to me .great webinar hope to see you in South Africa soon ☺️

  3. You only sell to buyers and you only buy from the sellers… problem is by the time you know when the buyers stop buying and the sellers stop selling, it is already too late… Do not chase the market… so in fact, we are always waiting , and waiting , and waiting… never a chance to take a trade… I have been waiting for a year and a half since buying the Mastering Price Action Course and the 4 Course Bundle… All I can hear is Navin's voice saying, "Trades not ready yet, Trades not ready yet…". So my question; When with the trade ever be ready??

  4. Love these role playing lessons… I can see the buyers, I can see the sellers…. I get an understanding of what Navin is saying and think, "I got this now. I can understand and see what he is talking about and now I've 'got it'."… then I go to the live charts and I can't see a thing of what I just learned… UUUGH… "slap my head"… 2 more losing trades today and have not has a winning trade in a month…
    There has still got to be something I am missing… ^$*&^(**(^&^$$%#

  5. Unfortunately for me I couldn't travel from my country here to your place. It's all because I am now seeing my trading career moving to another level completely. I can now read the market chart without stress like before. I feel like writing a book for Navin! It's very unfortunate that some don't see what's in YOU; you are an asset to the world of traders. I am still wondering where and how a person could exceptionally have a brain like this.Oh no! This is a talent please. Sir, I am with you always. Remain blessed. I can now ride a market like a horse. I am still on practice with demo account, but I am now preparing to bounce on live market like a heavy Rock because the confidence is now there for me. Thanks once again Navin. You won't die now.

  6. To be sincere, If somebody could still go against the way Navin does his own analysis, I think such a person has no understanding of what professionalism means. I am dumbfounded by the way this man analyses the market. It's a eyes and mind opening analysis. Everything about him is clearly, professionally different. Thanks Navin. You can't be loved by every person, but, look, I am one of your real fans here.

  7. Sir, I have signed up for your next webiner, but I was instructed to check my email for a message was sent in there for my email confirmation, but till now I couldn't find any sent in my inbox and spam folder, what's wrong?.

  8. Hi, Navin Iam watching this video for the second time after 2 years now, still very relevant and interesting to watch for me and gives me AHA moment agian. Where did you learn all this teqnics from. How was your mentor?, Would you make a video and talk about the Mentors that gave you all this golden nuggets. thanks again.

  9. Great vid, overwhelming content btw
    In the last example, where sellers are trying to take over. could that be some type of manipulation by Big Boys,
    to make us feel at certain point the market is losing power and may reverse soon??

    Thanks in advance

  10. i trade in indian commodity and equity markets still im not a good trader but im cutting my looses and improving my skills only because of ur videos . if i become a good trader and earn money from markets in upcoming days i will first pay ur debt . ur giving great things for free ur really a great man

  11. Thanks Navin for another video that made me understand things way better this video just shows how important it is to plan trades rather than chasing prices… I had the ahhhh moment Navin

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