1. For me the problem is not to understand where the price will go, but the retracements. Because in a long term it means pull back but in the short term it means trend inversion. In this case what is the right direction, short or Long term? Nobody knows.

  2. If you are ready to explore the forex market, start by reading some books. The stock market will be very fruitful if you have the right set of knowledge and most importantly, start on a good platform.

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  4. Yes, Moving Average Crossover trading strategy is very popular
    trading strategy, but it’s not powerful enough for rangy market that means, low
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  5. This strategy is only good for strong trending markets as MA's lag, meaning entries are late, check it out yourself and see where the price is when the crossover happens and this will kill your account in non-trending markets. A trader needs to know the difference and should only use this strategy to stay in a trade and never for entry. There are several ways to use MA's for early entries with controlled risk and much better rewards but this is not one of them.

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