1. Recently had a blown account. I'm steadily trying your strategy and I swear to God, Thought i would never find any proper strategy that actually works given freely on Youtube. Just earned a new Subscriber!! Looking forward to diving more into your videos.

    Huge fan from South Africa

  2. I like to thank you for your transparency with people online. Must people just display profits without the steps to achieving, and always try to sell their formula. The pitch used is the story of being in that place where you are not sure where to begin, but they come to rescue the day and sell you their formula for $700 dollars some even $2000 or more. Is warming knowing that someone is willing to share a strategy for free to actually help others.

  3. This strategy really works! the only issue is the mindset and making re I don't freak out over small pullbacks while I'm waiting to enter profit. When I'm trading your strategy, I watch your video while in the trade, just to remind myself of the mindset

  4. Absolutely beautiful. This was some masterful trading right here. I loved how you explained your thought process and you remained calm during the whole process. Thank you for sharing.

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