1. This is awesome man, really good job, I know there are newbies and amateurs new to trading here too, but can’t seem to understand how it goes, you have to stop losing your money and work smart instead of working hard. It’s really not a big deal earning on a daily basis in trading, feel free to contact Hudsonjames@ consultant .com for free tutorials and mentoring on the basics and how you can trade and make profit on your own. Thank me later.

  2. Would like to thank you once again Wayne for the effort you put in educating us with everything that evolves around trading. However I'm very much interested in your swing trading group and personal coauching. I've been trading for three and a half years and have lost every penny I've ever invested in the markets.I have learned alot about trading the markets, I know about pivot points and some fundementals. But still, I have not found success in trading and so I was hoping for a discount on your swing trading group and personal coauching this coming friday. Since it is a " black friday " I really wanna take advantage of the things I need to better my trading. Thanks.

  3. Great session wayne. I still lose some trades, but since watching this last few months, I have completely changed my style of trading bro. Not only the way you teach us how to read current FX markets, but the sensible way to let our losers go. Awesome!!

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