1. Great video Alex. Absolutely amazing . Real food for thought after all. Just completed the 1st read of markdouglas trading in the zone . Wish i had done this earlier. If you have any more tips on how to scalp(using the rsienvelope if you dont mind ) dont be shy .We would love you even more lol . Thank you once again FATHER for blessing us with Alex.

  2. How many lots can be scalped in ASIA on UJ or AU? Any idea? Thank you. So can you buy/sell 10 lots without slippage and is liquidity usually filled instantly back on price point?

  3. wtf ….

    (A) The trade being discussed makes no sense (and doesn't even seem possible),
    (1) this data feed is wrong, price first spiked to 112.18s before dropping during that announcement

    (2) his statement shows the exit at 111.58s at :17 , so he must have entered the trade in the same hour as the FOMC (as price only when below 111.70 that day during FOMC), however his entry was at :06 at 95s, if you look at a chart 6 minutes after the FOMC started, price was already at 111.70s , so how did he get filled at 95s?!?

    (3) How is 1 pip $67?? UJ is around $44-$45 a pip for a 5 lot, so he is getting closer a 1.5 pips per trade (it just doesn't show as his broker is a 2 digit yen dinosaur), but then this trade was a loss of 37 pips (95-58 ~= 37) but his monetary loss is $2487; now dividing loss by tick value on UJ is 2487 / ~45 = ~55 pips lost in P&L yet his statement shows a actual trading loss of 37 pips, wtf is going on here?

    (B) This trader turn $5k into $130k, clearly he has a huge edge; you show us one trade that is a loss, means nothing. Show us what happened the last 50 times he scalped into an FA before judging, one loss means nothing if its part of his proven edge (i.e he ends up onside more often that not on FA's), typical advice from educators to retail : "did you make a loss, change ur system, buy ours"

    Clickbait title given he makes overall significantly more, we have no evidence this isn't how he always plays FAs (and this was was just a loss), he goes on immediately after to execute his strategy, so this loss clearly did not phase him so why make out like he blew his account??

    (C) Why do educators/internet always try to convince retail that "scalping" means risking 6-10+ ticks to make 1 on a spread bet account?!? Do some proper research.

    (D) Did anyone actually watch this video??! No where did he say this was a EA or that the account has a 0 pip spread?!?

  4. Btw not ONE EA ever in the history of the world has ever been a consistent winner over years. It will eventually lose your account so lazy people who cant trade give it up. Gambling. Only one way to make money on the forex or any market and thats study and experience. Fwiw understanding auctioning of price, market makers, volume, world economics, news sentiment understanding bond environments/yields etc etc is just the beginning. Its all there and its actually simple once mastered the SKILL but that SKILL takes years. Shit like this is why i hate telling people what i do.

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