1. Anyone know why an account wont sync with FXBlue? I have treble checked my info and it still wont sync? I am with Blueberry live and have inputted my investor password… I am in a VPS called VirMach…any help appreciated..Cheers

  2. Hi, I am just joining a Forex Trading Company in order to get ready for the next intake. Is it ok to have the account in Australian Dollars or does it need to be in USD ? Cheers

  3. Hi! Could you please confirm if a "True ECN" on a 500:1 leverage in EUR is fine for this? The account of 10K in the forum is not so profitable after 22 days, as I see it. Why is this? Thank you.

  4. Alex, what gearing/margin ratio will your sender account have? If we're going to follow your trades at proportional risk we've got to have at least the same margin requirements otherwise we'll get margin called while you're still ok. I know you've said you'll pull the plug at -10% to -15% but if you're on 500:1 you'll be hitting margin calls on most people accounts way before that.

  5. excellent! , whats the best county in which to trade forex that allows hedging?? in the US, I can use the EA's going in one direction? correct? so for example, the grid EA going one direction? or is there a better USA EA for single direction trading? thank you for all your great work!!!!

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