1. I have been trading real account since 6 month ago, after a short period (3 months) of training on a demo account trading, I came in conclusion that real account would benefit my training and experience far better. So, I deposited 5200 USD in my first ever trading account and after 2 months of struggling and blowing my account (nearly lost 75% and I decided to join a pro advisory service) gradually, I started to actually gain little by little! As Im writing this I had recovered my first deposit plus a decent profit on top of that, Im not some hot shot smart person/trader but I have a solid expert experience with a clear and calm mental state. If you have difficulties and you need help reach out to well experienced traders, that’s my advisory wassap line 1(518) 310-7285

  2. im a beginner so I dont understand much about it, but if you buy ausjpy and you earn interest (if im right), on what timeframe do you earn that 5.75% interest?

  3. Hi I have a few Qs and looking forward for a reply.
    1. Would like to know which is the charge interest and pay interest? I can see in the swap section a negative and possitve numbers.
    2.When you say charge does that mean Im being paid an interest or paying?
    3. Does interest means commission on whose side? Me or the liquidity provider?

    From 3:26 to 4:01 can anyone elaborate it for me a little more? I don't clearly understand it. Im sorry Im not really good at undertanding English finance terms or words. Im a filipino and would like to deeper understand forex. Thank you in advance for anyone who will reply and help me. I will really appreciate it. 🙂

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