1. Leverage is a concerning issue in Forex world and here every single trade involves certain amount of trading leverage indeed. Your trading risk depends on how much leverage you take in a trade. FXDirects broker offers high leverage of 100:1 to their traders that help in risk management. They provide medium amount of leverage so that traders don’t take high leverage.

  2. This is amazing. Thank you for explaining forex this way. It's so easy to grab.

    I noticed something different in my demo account about the margin calculation. So, I want to get some clarifications about it. I noticed that the margin was calculated by multiplying the trading volume by the ask price then divided by the leverage size.

    The data:
    Pair: eurusd
    Lot size: 0.10
    Leverage: 1:50
    ask price: 1.11669
    margin: 223.34

    So, when I did the calculation, I realized that 10000unit * 1.11669 / 50 = 223.338

    Does it mean that the ASK PRICE is factored in some cases?

  3. Hi Rob
    I wanted to become forex trader and I don’t know much about this industry.
    I live in London and I’m not sure what company to join for training and also trading would you recommend any ?

    Great video by the way


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