1. With a good investment expert that ensures you face minimal risk, without any doubts you can prepare for a well organised future even in retirement. I have garnered profit of over $650,000 in the last 6 months of Investing in stocks and bonds.

  2. Good job I checked the comments first, I would not want to sit through this video, see a 1 million dollar gain only to be told it's never going to happen with live trading! Waste of time and pointless unless it's real money and live trading! Show us what you got with live!

  3. IF these systems were as good as they claim to be you'd be a millionaire then billionaire hence they can't be as good as they claim to be, there are too many pathological liar in this game of trading

  4. Hey Alex, you trying. I appreciate that you reply comments; good and bad. I'm in your mailing list now. Do you have free ea training. Does any of your ea trade on brokers with 6 or 7 pips.

  5. Wow! Even though you started with an unrealistic lot size, you could easily have started with 0.8 Lot size and make 10X less than your outcome and be doing very, very well… Or, am I wrong?

  6. If you’re able to make a huge money from small amount such as 2.5k and turn it into a million dollars in just 32 minutes. Why post a video that took you over 40 minutes of recording and after all I’m sure you want to sellout trading courses for a few hundred dollar

  7. I wonder why this type of video even is allowed to be on youtube. If this was working then he would be doing that every month and won't waste the time making this type of video. Amazing!!!!

  8. May God have mercy on your soul. What you're doing is misguiding new treaders thinking they could do this and having them lose all their hard-earned money in minutes. We both know this is not possible if it was true you would have done it on a live account and also wouldn't waste your time posting video on YouTube you'd be in some Island that you own sipping tequila. Anyone watching this please understand trading is like having a master's degree you need to work hard learn hard practice hard and you make good there is no magic software.

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