1. The best way to make money from forex is to sell a system like this or an education scheme. This example doesn't allow for trending, spreads, swap costs. You will lose lots with this!

  2. Hi Alex, fascinated with the multiplier how can it work if the profit lags everytime one places a buy and sell contract and the opposite order goes minus till it reaches the first stop. Have to try it out skeptical but will give it a go manually

  3. If you have low starting capital you can try OANDA Nano lot … 1/100 of a micro lot…. only challenge is that it will not be MT4 platform so you have to do the trading yourself….

  4. these systems blow your acount flash crash or gap up gap down when this happends it doesnt trigger your hedging positions check for your self back test 100 trades not 100 grids.. look at the 3rd of january jpy or aud when that flash crash happend it skips your positions trading like this cost my freind a 60k acount in one trade good luck

  5. Hi Alex,
    Say I have an indicator which indicates a downtrend SELL and apply grid trend mulitplier EA to start trading in that direction only, when the time for an opposite signal appears, can I switch it on the fly to stop selling and start only buying? If so, will it still manage the left over SELL trades and close them if prices returns back and they end up in profit? Also can you halt placing new orders entirely and still manage the existing trades it has placed if they come into profit?
    Thanks, Paul

  6. Thanks for the vid alex..
    So if we have 1 lot minus sell open order from the previous point and we want to open new buy and sell at higher point.
    To hedge previous sell should we place 1 lot sell and 2 lot buy?
    If so there is a tendency the lot is getting bigger each time..

  7. For currency selection in grid trading, I like to use one of two methods. 1) Take the range of the currency over the last 520 bars and divide it by the ATR. For a 20 unit grid using ATR as the grid interval, it MUST be less than 40, and the lower the better; use the pair with the lowest number and good spread. 2) Take the 260 period Standard Deviation and divide it by the 260 ATR; the lower the better. It tells me that the currency has lots of bar fluctuation but small trends away from the average. Cheerio!

  8. Alex Sir, This is brilliant work and I am really at loss of words to see this strategy. My only concern is that the broker should be good and its bid and ask must be tight for this strategy to really show its power.

  9. As an owner of this EA I'd love to see an update that allows users of the EA to integrate a filter indicator of choice (possible with an iCustom() function in the code) which provides at least 4 extern variables/buffers to be used. – This way I could trade the EA on a directional basis, which would be dynamic and automatically change the direction of the grid-trades, i.e. when my filter indicator of choice indicates a long trend, then the grid would only take buy trades, and vice versa. – This would make this EA far more safe IMHO. – Thanx for considering! – 🙂

  10. @ 12:20 The blue line reflects closed trades (balance) – the green line there reflects "intra-trade-drawdowns" (equity) which is critical for the capitalization of the account. The way the green line (equity) goes is IMHO far MORE important than the way the blue line (balance) goes. Between trade 206 and 238 there's the largest "intra-trade-drawdown" with respect to the open trades. – Just be aware of this, everybody! – In fact, for the "cashing in" which occured around trade 355 and which cashed in $50 there was a "intra-trade-drawdown" on the equity of around $450 – which is nine-fold of what the grid gained between trade ~145 to trade ~357. – Nine-fold! – 🙂 – Take care!

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