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  5. Awesome thank you, love your channel. I find it VERY logical. I like just to look price action. That’s it. If you don’t mind Where can I learn more price action stuff?

  6. Haha that robot number 5 clip is gold. I loved that as a kid. Great points Jason. Trading is about Kaizen and continuous incremental improvement. Not mastering it all at once. When I started I wanted to learn everything, but it wasn't until I specialised and focused on just a handful of things that I broke through my beginner's rut

  7. Great video revealing the truth to succeed as a trader! I completely agree especially about cluttered charts. Using too many indicators, it's so easy to get conflicting signals and often leads to a bad trade or no trade at all.

  8. we hate losses , so we learn to beat the market and trying to find the most secret system which gives you only profit trades , and we think we will access that particular system if we keep continue learning process , and ONE day we proudly telling the world hey check my Mt4 history and show me one losing trade. So this is the reality of beginners that they think one Professional trader never losses and his account full of Profit trades . thats it .

  9. The main thing about trading is finding a system or strategy that works with you, and to stick to it. Specialise on one/two types of strategies and focus on some pairs that have low spreads and high volume. The biggest factor to your success isn't even the strategy, it's your psychology and your strict (hopefully!) risk management. 🙂

  10. If only they knew how true this is! Absolute value in this content, with an upcoming change in job I have been working on a method where I can set and forget about my orders, it's a tested and profitable system that is so simple I'm annoyed I didn't find it sooner, but through failure have now fell onto what works for me, keep smashing it Mr Graystone

  11. Hi Jason, quick question. If you happen to have learnt all these different systems and you have the problem you are talking about. How do i unlearn what i have learnt or how do i change the situation?

  12. I said once that to be a good trader you need to be blissfully ignorant of a lot of things. That was a very unpopular opinion but I stick by it I think you worded it quite a lot better though lol.

  13. Less is ALWAYS more but, unless you have a scope of what's out there how do you have any idea of how you want to approach the market. Its like being a musician since I was a kid, ive been through every genre, most scenes and learned the lot( well not quite lol) yes you eventually come full circle and end up playing what you need to play for the song but you need to go on that journey (I think) Great vid man

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