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Interest in Kingwest Resources has picked up following their announcement last month concerning their acquisition of the Menzies Gold Project from Intermin Resources for $8 million.

Thanks for the heads up Greg ……

Quick glance …. Menzies Project looks potentially really good …. however …

For some reason this Stock makes me nervous ….

When a Stock makes me nervous, I find they can often rise quickly (great) … but that is often off the back of unsustainable/unproven fundamentals (scary)

My fears:-

The Lads on the Board seem perfectly fine lads, but they are not Miners/Geologists etc

They have bugger all Shares on issue and a tiny Market Cap (Unfortunately open to trading distortion)

Short term, I class this as a “pass the parcel” Share. Possible to make a lot of money in the short term, but you may need to be nimble when the fun is over so you don’t get caught with an “investment”

Medium term, it could well prove to be excellent … but its way too early to tell.

Egg shells for me:cautious::cautious::D… bear in mind I am a chicken now days!


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