1. Hi Guys , today the room was filled and some traders could not get in , my sincere apologies. I will go live on YouTube tomorrow so please join and bring a friend along .

  2. So funny, I signed up for this 15 minutes after this video came out, now I can't join because the room is full at 500 people. lol. That sucks.

  3. Trading is so frustrating when we don't know how to analyze a chart. This person, Anil Mangal is the only one which I truthfully believe, provides the most accurate understanding on how to trade correctly. I am not one of his students. This is only an honest comment. Watching him trading would be something great!

  4. Aloha Anil! Your live sessions will be at 4am in my timezone – any chance your videos will be uploaded onto youtube afterwards? Mahalos!

  5. excited to be there.. i can't afford course right now.. that's only thing keeping me not to join.. i will join however once collect sufficient fund to fee and trade..

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